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Your child’s first day

Starting childcare can be exciting and overwhelming – for you and your child. There’s lots to plan for, and emotions can run high. However, please don’t worry; our friendly educators are on hand (with tissues if necessary!) to help you and your child settle in. Below, you’ll find a few common questions parents ask (but feel free to contact us if you have others we don’t cover here).

What do we do when we arrive?

On the first day of starting childcare, we’ll welcome you and help you sign your child in. After that, you can put your child’s bag on a hook in the hallway or in a basket provided in your child’s classroom. Chances are, you’ll already know your educator from orientation days. He or she will familiarise you with the Centre once again, and give you a run-down of what will be happening during your child’s day.

Any tips on saying goodbye / dealing with drop-offs?

It’s totally natural to feel anxious about saying goodbye to your child the first few times. It’s a big adjustment for both of you! Our Director and educators will explain the process of dropping off your child and saying goodbye. Just so you know, we’ve seen thousands of children through our doors and most children adapt quite quickly. Before long, he or she will be waving goodbye and happily going off to join a new friend or getting absorbed by one of the many activities. If you’d like tips on settling a baby into childcare, check out this blog post.

How will I know how my child is going?

The first few days or weeks after starting childcare, it’s natural to wonder what your child is up to. That’s why you can expect a call or email from our educator, who’ll let you know how your child is settling in and which activities he or she has participated in. You’re also very welcome to give us a call anytime during the day – the educator in your child’s classroom can jump on the phone to give you an update.

What should my child wear? When dressing your child for the day, please consider:

  • Tops and dresses that cover the shoulders and as much of the arms as possible
  • Closed-toe shoes or sandals with a back, so they don’t slip off
  • Clothes that can get a little messy at times – no good clothes, please!
  • A wide brimmed hat labelled with your child’s name.


What should I pack for my child? When packing your child’s bag for their day you may like to consider the following:

  • 2 x sets of spare clothing. If your child is toilet training, please provide at least 4 spare pairs of clothing
  • A sleeping bag for babies
  • A jumper or jacket in case the weather changes
  • A comfort item such as a teddy, blanket or dummy labelled with your child’s name
  • A family photo
  • Formula/bottles (If required). We provide S26 formula and sterilised Avent bottles
  • A drink bottle for children aged 2–5.

Please do not bring toys or food from home into the service – and please label all items including socks, underpants and shoes. FYI: We promote SunSmart practices at Seaforth Child Care and provide 30+ Sunblock.

Is there anything else happening that I should know about? Actually, yes! We provide a variety of popular extracurricular at no additional charge from yoga to sustainability programs. Find out more about all our programs here.

For further info, please get in touch via our contact page.