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Wellness and education

Seaforth Childcare’s educators follow the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

It’s our guide to principles, practices and learning outcomes based on what we know about high quality early childhood education. In addition, our early learning curriculum embraces meaningful, play-based learning which create successful, confident lifelong learners. It also helps to steer your child towards reaching his or her full potential.

Early Learning Rooms (6 weeks – 2 years)

Our two early learning rooms are bright, colourful, air-conditioned and full of fun experiences for your baby or toddler. These rooms offer indoor play spaces with a variety of planned activities include music, singing and dance. In addition, we have story time, sensory activities, puzzles and cognitive play, craft, drama and much more.

Pre-School Rooms (3-6 years)

The aim of our School Readiness Program is to nurture curious minds and prepare your child for ‘big school’. Our caring, Bachelor-trained early childhood teachers help your child develop the social, intellectual and emotional skills required for formal education. In addition, we offer age-specific classrooms and a special focus on older children.

Our extra-curricular programs and activities

Whether it’s learning a language or exploring our kitchen garden, there are always fun, educational and stimulating things for your children to do at our Centre. As part of our early learning curriculum, we help the children explore their interests – and have experiences to share with you at the end of the day! Our extra-curricular activities cater to a different ages and are provided at no additional cost to you. 

Resident Art space. Our dedicated arts studio is open every day and is a favourite activity for children aged 2-5. It’s a space offering endless free expression for young budding artists. There’s also the chance for your child to indulge his or her love of painting and crafts.

French lessons. Research shows that childhood is a critical period for learning languages. Want your little one to get a head start? Our Bonjour French Classes with a native French speaker are held weekly at Seaforth for children aged 2-5.

Yoga and relaxation. The benefits of yoga for children are numerous – whether it’s mastering breathing techniques, or learning poses. We offer daily classes for babies aged from 6 weeks to toddlers aged 2.

Fit and healthy programs. Helping children foster a life-long love of movement and exercise is key at Seaforth Childcare. We make staying fit and healthy fun with weekly fitness classes such as Munch and Move.

Sustainability awareness. Planting seeds and looking after a real kitchen garden is fun for all ages. We encourage our children to work as a team in our Seaforth Sustainability program and our unique Kitchen Garden Program.

Pre-School Transition to School Program. We give your child the tools to move confidently from a childcare / preschool environment right into the kindy classroom. Our preschool children enjoy special lessons each term – from drama to indigenous culture, dance and singing to pre-school science experiments. Find out more here.

Find out more! Our Parent Orientation Guide has lots more info about our extracurricular programs.