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Pre-school and Formal School Readiness: how we help your child prepare

Your child’s first five years are a time of incredible development, learning and growing independence.

Seaforth Childcare supports this with a warm, caring and holistic approach. The pre-school year is a particularly important one for your child: in just a few short months, he or she will be popping on a school uniform and beginning the journey of formal education.

Kindergarten is a big milestone for both children and parents, and our structured School Readiness Program is designed to help your child confidently transition from childcare and pre-school right to their first day in the kindy classroom.

Support and care for curious little minds

Readiness for school doesn’t just begin in the year your child turns four. It begins the day your child is born. Scientific evidence shows us that a good early learning environment can set your child up for success at school and beyond.

School readiness is an important part of our educational program, and it’s about more than your child’s academic abilities. We’re looking at his or her ‘readiness for school’ in regards to social, emotional and communication skills, motor coordination and independence. Our program also encompasses ‘readiness to learn’. This focuses on your child’s ability to concentrate, process information and follow instructions. In addition, we consider his or her interest in learning and confidence in sharing ideas. Such indicators show us that your child is developmentally able to cope with a formal school setting.

At Seaforth Childcare, we scaffold your child’s school readiness learning through experiences, intentional teaching and purposeful play. Our educators work to inspire our preschoolers to make meaningful connections to real world environments. Similarly, they learn the essential skills and behaviours needed for ‘big school’.

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Mid-Year School Readiness Workshop

Is your child in our School Readiness Program? Don’t forget that we hold a seminar mid-way through the year. This is a great way to review your child’s progress in the Program so far, and make goals prior to kindergarten.

Resources to help your child transition to ‘big school’

A Special Place | Download it

If your child is anxious about starting school, download this children’s picture book, published by the NSW Department of Education and Communities. It’ll familiarise your child with the ins and outs of starting school, from wearing a uniform to making friends.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment | Download it

Soon after your child starts kindergarten, he or she will be assessed in literacy and numeracy skills. Don’t worry – there’s no preparation required. However, as a parent you will receive feedback and ideas on how to best support your child through their first year.

Getting Ready for School Booklet | Download it

This comprehensive pdf booklet includes checklists and activities to try in the run-up to starting kindy. In addition, it has advice on packing lunchboxes, budgeting and planning for your child’s first day. There are also tips on keeping children safe and happy at school, a guide for parents of a child with a disability and much more.