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Our philosophy

Our learning environment

Your child’s brain develops rapidly during the first five years of its life, and research shows that ages 1-3 are especially important. At Seaforth Childcare, we try to nurture your child’s cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development during this time. In addition, we believe a safe, secure and stimulating childcare environment is the key to happy, healthy, confident children.

Commitment to children’s learning

Educators believe children are capable, confident and involved learners. It’s our role at Seaforth Childcare to support this, based on the each child’s interests and development. After observing your child, we create engaging activities to stimulate the imagination, arouse curiosity and encourage problem-solving. Helping your child develop great social skills is also important, far beyond the childcare environment. 

A sense of community and belonging

Our educators provide a respectful, inclusive and nurturing childcare environment. As part of this, we create a sense of belonging for the children, and support a connection to their home, families and communities. These are the relationships we value most, as our much-loved Family Wall shows! On a ‘big picture’ level, we also try to build awareness in children about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to Reconciliation

We acknowledge and value the cultures, histories and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In addition, we are committed to working towards national reconciliation by integrating aspects of their culture. We do this in a respectful and meaningful way as part of our Reconciliation Action plan.