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cupcakes with Seaforth Childcare toppers and gift bagsAt Seaforth, we pride ourselves on providing continuity of care to our many families – and this week we held a very special celebration to recognise 14 long serving team members at our centre – all of whom have been with us for between 3 years to over 15 years. That’s almost half our team!

We’re conscious this is quite unusual, given that childcare’s famous for its high turnover rates. This can have knock-on effects for the children in the centre’s care, who become attached to their Early Childhood teachers and find it difficult when they leave. We also know turnover rate is something parents look at when choosing a centre, so we’re glad to be able to have such a strong, long-serving team at Seaforth.

Our celebration included cupcakes for all (including the children!) and each team member received a gift – a winter scarf, bottle of champagne and a calming candle. Anita Commander, head of Seaforth Childcare, also gave a speech acknowledging the contribution of our long-serving staff and thanking them.