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Update for Families on Berries and Hepatitis A

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We can assure families there is NO health risk related to berries at our centre.

Our supplier Kids Gourmet Food (KGF) DO NOT use raspberries or mixed berries at all.

We would like to take this opportunity to assure families that we take the recent nationwide mixed berry recall very seriously. We immediately contacted our food supplier and have received their formal assurance the health and well-being of children is at all time safeguarded and that they have neither common supply nor do they use these particular berries.

KGF use only blueberries in their muffins and some purees. Their blueberry supplier, Casa Del, have also provided formal assurance their blueberries are processed in Australia under strict SQF 2000 global standards and are compliant with all current food safety legislation and regulations.

At our request, KGF has entirely ceased with the any use of blueberries in meals until the NSW Food Authority has closed the case. This decision is purely a pro-active precautionary measure.

The NSW Department of Health has issued a warning which contains helpful information on signs and symptoms etc. Parents can also contact their local Public Health Unit for more information, on 1300 066 055.

NSW Health renews warning of Hepatitis A risk

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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