Early Learning and Preschool in Seaforth: Call: (02) 9948 5546

What are the fees?

Your child will be joining us at our amazing child care centre.

Our fees reflect the high quality of care each child receives, our trained and experienced staff and the extra-curricular activities included. The fees vary from room to room and are a reflection of the staff to child ratio for each age group.

Our 2018* fees are:

Age Group 0-2 Early Learning 2-3 Toddlers 3-5 Pre School
Fees $175 per day $168 per day $145 per day

What is included?

Our fees are designed to be as all inclusive as possible in our 7am – 6.30 pm centre.

They include all meals (Breakfast, Morning and afternoon tea, Lunch and Late afternoon snack. Dinner is also provided for children in the Early Learning Centre).

Fees also include nappies, formula, sunscreen, linen (Early Learning Centre), all visitors and service sponsored activities.

* The service does reserve the right to alter fees at any time with notice to families. Sibling discounts do apply.