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Your questions answered

We’re often asked similar questions about our centre, so we’ve included some popular ones here. If you don’t see your question answered, please feel free to call us in Seaforth on (02) 9948 5546.

About your child

Can you follow the same routine we follow at home?
We know how important it is support families, so we’ll do our best to incorporate your home routine into your child’s day at our centre.

What do I need to pack for my child’s day?
We provide all bottles, nappies, sunscreen and linen (Early Learning Centre), so you only need to pack a change of clothes and a favourite teddy.

Do you provide meals?
Yes, we provide all meals including a nutritious breakfast, a hot lunch, morning and afternoon tea and a hot snack. Check our yummy menus.

Do you provide a hot dinner?
Yes, we’re more than happy to provide your child (Early Learning Centre only) with a nutritious hot dinner. We understand how difficult it is to head home and puree vegetables at the end of a long day (and then have it thrown on the floor!), so we want to help make your life easier. Why not read through our yummy menus.

Can you help with toilet training?
Yes, we’re more than happy to help your child through toilet training – you’ll find your child transitions quite quickly as they’re keen to join their friends who are out of nappies and into big kid undies!

About the centre

Where are we?
Seaforth Childcare is in the grounds of Seaforth Public School, 14 Yatama Street, Seaforth.

Do you have an open door policy?
We encourage parents to visit at any time. We are proud of the consistently high quality of care that we provide and we’d love you to come and see how we’re helping your child develop.

What security measures do you have?
We take security seriously. Only authorised carers can pick up children from the centre, we have a double gate system and all parents are required to sign their child in and out each day.

Is there parking?
You’ll find plenty of parking in our large on site car park on Yatama Street, but this should be used only for drop off and pick-ups. There’s additional street parking along Yatama Street for those families who will take the bus into the City.

What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are 7am – 6.30pm Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year. We are closed on all NSW public holidays.

Who is the centre’s Authorised Provider?
Our centre is owned and managed by Anita Commander, who can be contacted on her mobile: 0413 610369 or via our contact form.

Waiting lists, fees and benefits

How do I join your waiting list?

To add your child’s name to our waiting list, please feel free to contact Sophie on (02) 9948 5546, or go to our enrol page. If you need assistance, please get in touch and we will guide you through the process.

Is there a fee to join the waiting list?
No, there’s no fee to put your child’s name on the waiting list. Only when your child’s place is confirmed will you be asked to pay a refundable booking fee (of two weeks fees) to secure your child’s enrolment. This booking fee is then credited to the last payment of fees when your child leaves.

Please note: Your booking fee will be forfeited if you cancel your child’s place before starting.

How do I claim Child Care Benefit?
Every Australian resident is entitled to Child Care Benefit, regardless of means. It can be claimed in your daily fee or as a lump sum at the end of the financial year. Childcare Benefit is administered by the Family Assistance Office (FAO)

Family Assistance Office: 136150

Our Customer Reference Number (CRN): 555 000 412A

If you have any problems with your childcare benefit, please contact our Accounts Team on 02 9948 5546, or contact us.

What are the fees?
They vary from room to room and are a reflection of the staff to child ratio for each age group. Our 2017 fees are:

0-2 Early Learning $170 per day
2-3 Toddlers $160 per day
3-6 Preschool $140 per day

What do the fees include?

Our fees are designed to be as all-inclusive as possible. They include:

  • All meals: Breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and late afternoon snack. Dinner is also provided for children in the Early Learning Centre
  • Nappies, formula and sunscreens
  • Linen (Early Learning Centre)

When are fees due?
Fees are due fortnightly in advance.

How can I pay?
You can pay via Direct Debit, bank transferor cash.

What if I can’t pay?
Our Accounts Manager will work with families to ensure they have access to all childcare applicable Government benefits. We do require families to keep their accounts in order at all times, so if you’re having difficulties, please call us on (02) 9948 5546. or email accounts@seaforthchildcare.com.au.

Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about Seaforth Childcare, or want to enrol your child, please contact us, or call us on (02) 9948 5546.