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Why we do, what we do

At Seaforth Childcare, we have a clear mission statement that outlines everything we believe about our service.

We believe in children

  • Your child is an individual with their own needs, strengths and interests
  • Your child will be given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture, religion or socio-economic background
  • Your child learns best through play, experimentation and investigation
  • Your child will develop at their own pace
  • Your child needs a comfortable, relaxed and secure environment
  • Your child deserves meaningful praise and positive reinforcement for their efforts and successes
  • Your child will benefit from a positive self-image, high self-esteem and social competence

We believe in families

  • Families are the most important people in a child’s life
  • Families have valuable information to share with us
  • Families need to feel secure in the knowledge that their child is in a caring and nurturing environment
  • Families deserve to feel welcome and be involved in our activities
  • Families have their own parenting and childcare methods, and we need to respect them
  • Families are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions about our centre
  • Families have the right to confidentiality and privacy
  • Families need to be informed about any issues regarding behaviour management
  • Families have the right to review their child’s portfolio at any time

We believe in our approach

  • Our approach is to create a home life atmosphere, with a warm and natural environment your child can relate to
  • Our approach encourages children to make choices and take control of their learning
  • Our approach follows the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which provides opportunities for balanced indoor/outdoor play
  • Our approach promotes child-initiated, small-group experiences and fosters nurturing and sibling relationships
  • Our approach encourages staff to guide and encourage children to learn at a level appropriate to their age and abilities.
  • Our approach is easily accessible for families and they are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions

We believe in our educators

  • Educators will work as a team, motivating and supporting each other
  • Educators will contribute their diverse skills, knowledge, interests and experience to the centre
  • Educators will build an atmosphere of trust and respect through open communication
  • Educators will respect different points of view, using constructive conflict resolution methods while maintaining confidentiality
  • Educators are encouraged to provide feedback on the centre’s approach to childcare
  • Educators should abide by the centre’s policies and procedures, Department of Education and Communities Regulations, Australian Early Childhood Association Code of Ethics, UN conventions on the Rights of the Child and the standards set by the National Quality Framework (NQF)
  • Educators know when to guide your child’s play and when to observe
  • Educators will use your child’s portfolio to document and record development, written observations, photographs and work samples


Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about Seaforth Childcare, or want to enrol your child, please contact us, or call us on (02) 9948 5546.